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Surfers Inkspot Printers artwork guidelines for optimal results

Image Text and Trims

All non bleed images and text should be kept at least 3mm from the trim to ensure trim tolerances are maintained.


Solid black areas should be made up of 20% Cyan and 100% Black to give a strong deep colour.

Booklet Creep

Page creep will occur on booklet jobs. To help with finishing all page numbers, non bleed images and text should be kept at least 10mm from the trims. We advise you to allocate a 5mm bleed on all booklet jobs.


We recommend that you include the scoring option on all folder jobs to minimize cracking. Fold panels for A4-DL should be set from left to right 98-99-100 (outside) and 100-99-98 (inside). Supplied PSD artwork always remains the responsibility of the customer. Surfers Inkspot will not accept responsibility for errors due to out of specification files.

Pre Press Guidelines

PDF Compliance

Font Usage

All fonts must be embedded, or you can outline fonts before creating a PDF to avoid issues.

Graphic/Images elements checklist

Flight Check

Supplied Artwork Specifications

Surfers Inkspot will only accept the following formats as final artwork. Artwork which does not adhere to these specifications will incur artwork charges.
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version 10 or below

Standard Product Sizes